Runtime launched a partnership with APILayer!

Welcome to Technical Language Processing (TLP)!

Code is growing exponentially, but NLP APIs are tuned for natural language.

We’re pioneering TLP APIs that detect, process, label, enrich and transform technical language.  

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Code Detection API

Detect, label, format and enrich the code in your app or in your data pipeline

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Generate Tags from code

Automatically describe the frameworks, languages, and technical concepts in your code

Text from screenshot

Quickly extract and copy text from screenshots and images

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Colors from screenshot

Quickly extract and copy colors from screenshots and images

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"There is so much code being written, shared and discussed in apps, and applications simply haven’t been able to adapt to deal with the code appropriate in rendering, search and sharing. This is just the beginning of an entirely new class of APIs to upgrade user experiences.”

John Burr

GM of APILayer

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Pieces is a code snippet management tool that leverages Runtime's Code Detection API to auto-detect, format and tag code snippets saved by developers. Check it out for free at

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Case Study:

Code Detection API in

Case Study:

Code Detection in Machine Learning pipeline

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